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About The Co-op

Contractor's Co-op was founded to give its local community homeowners a path to find the help they need for their home improvement projects and assist local contractors with making and saving more money. We accomplish this through our three focuses: Community Networking, Education and Training, and Collective Buying Power. Our entire system is set up so that our Contractors save or make 5 to 20 times as much as their membership costs over the coarse of a year. What could you do with 50% more profit this year?

Community Networking

          Local Directory: We provide local homeowners direct access to their local contractors through our online database called the Contractor Directory. The directory lists each     Co-op Contractor Member by their trade and the county they are located in. Our directory includes all the contractors that you cannot find anywhere else online because we are a local organization and are finding these contractors in person each day.

          Spring and Fall Events: In addition to our local directory we have big events twice a year. This year we are hosting a Fall Concert on the Green in Monroe, GA. The purpose of these events is for local homeowners to come and meet local contractors and businesses and to stimulate our local economy. After all, the more money that locals spend with other locals the more the money can accumulate in our community. So Homeowners come discuss your next project with our local Contractors while enjoying some food, fun, kids activities, and music all paid for by Contractor's Co-op and sponsors.

          Referrals For Contractors: We help our Homeowners find the right contractor for their projects. Any contractor that we refer out has been reviewed and submitted the documentation necessary to protect you as a member of the Co-op. We require any company that we give out a referral to have submitted a copy of their license, work compensation insurance, and general liability insurance. We also have them sign an affidavit that states they background check and drug test their employees. We do not want to limit beginning entrepreneurs from participating in the Co-op so our base level contractors are not required to submit these documents. Any contractor that we refer when you call us will have submitted these documents and be at least an elite status Contractor Member with the Co-op. Please give us a call if you need a suggestion for a project. 

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Education and Training

          Small Business Classes: At Contractor's Co-op we believe strongly in entrepreneurship. To help assist local with starting or improving their small business we are gathering professional teachers and signing them up to teach directly relevant small business classes. From Quickbooks training to How To Properly Start Up Your Business the Co-op is a central local resource for all small business knowledge. If you are a professional in a business field and want to teach a class please reach out to us. If there is a subject you feel should be included in our classes please tell us. 

         Construction Education: We want our Contractor Members to have the best chance to succeed in their business and to have access to the education needed to get to where they want to go. The Co-op hosts OSHA training and other professional construction classes to assist in this journey. 

         Local Residents Classes: As we are a local community hub, we help other local small businesses to book participants for their classes. You can find a variety of classes taught at different businesses throughout the local area such as art classes, yoga classes, or music classes. 

Collective Buying Power


           We looked at the largest expenses that contractors (and many small businesses) have and decided we could work together to get our cost lowered and our profits higher. Our goal is to save our Contractors 5-10% of gross revenue off the seven largest expenses they have other than payroll. This can result in a final net profit increase of 50- 100 % for the year based upon industry average profit margins. The seven categories that the Co-op focuses on getting discounts for their members are:  


         Construction Materials- Shop at your favorite places: ABC Supply, Sherwin Williams, Ace Hardware, Still Lumber, Danlar Lighting, and more. We are constantly working to add local supplier partners to help save our members money.

         Labor- Using our online directory contractors can find subcontractors faster and easier. No need to be in a bind just pull the Co-op website up on your phone, log on, and search the contractor directory. I bet you can save 5% today off your labor cost. "You need a guy?"  "We got a guy!"

         Marketing- Contractors and businesses use the Co-op online marketing store to save money every time they order. Need a web page or your social media set up. We do that here. Take a stroll through the online store and you will see that the Co-op is your 1 Stop Shop for all your marketing needs.

         Insurance- One of our local insurance company members was able to get a state wide provider to create a workers compensation and general liability plan exclusively made for Co-op members! Our Co-op specific plan is has better benefits and is the best value around. If you want to find out the savings call and we will price it for you. 

         Vehicles- We are continually working to add places that our members can go to get their cars and work trucks serviced. We spend this money everyday anyways. Why not save 5- 10% each year?

         Equipment- As a contractor knows sometimes a shovel won't do the trick. Sometimes you need a backhoe. Our Co-op is partnering with local equipment rental businesses and suppliers in order to save our members money. 

         Facility- We have arranged a discount in our local Monroe Metro building for new contractors. Contractors Co-op members can save 5-10% off their rent here. We will be adding other options for our members as they come available. 

If you are a local contractor or know someone who is please have them go to Get Started on the home page and sign up as a trial contractor member. We will reach out to them after they sign up and explain all the benefits of being a Co-op member.