Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

How are the Co-op's Contractor Members vetted?

The Co-op does not prohibit any contractor from initally joining the Co-op. Our goal is to increase local business. Once our contractors are members of our Co-op they can apply to be placed on our Verified Referral List. Any contractor on this list must submit proof of licensing, insurance, and documentation that they drug test and background check their employees. If the Co-op gets asked for a recommendation only the Verified Contractor Members will be referred out. Any homeowner who wants to review all the contractors who are members can do so by reviewing our contractor directory on your dashboard after you login. Please call if you need a contractor referral. 770-856-9388

What is a Co-op?

A Co-op or Cooperative is a for profit organization that pools its members together to get better pricing, terms, or benefits than each member individually is able to get by themselves. Co-op's are often member or employee owned and are usually specific toward an industry or geographical area.

Is Contractor's Co-op only for contractors?

No. Our Co-op has three different member types: Homeowners, Contractors, and Partner Suppliers. -Our Homeowners are the local residents who can find the contractors they need for their project through our contractor directory. Homeowners also are able to take advantage of our Co-op material purchasing program at our partner suppliers. This give you better pricing for your building material and expert level advise for your projects. -Our Contractor Members are local contractors that who want to get their business in front of local customers without paying the obscene amount that other contractor advertising services charge. Contractor's Co-op gives its Contractors the ability to purchase material through its account at any of its Partner Supplier stores at a large discount from the price any of us can get on our own. The Co-op also offers business lead services for any of its Contractor members. Contact us today to find out more. - Our Partner Suppliers have agreed to allow all of our members to purchase material or insurance as a group through their businesses generating purchasing power by purchasing vast amounts of material through the same account. If you would like to see the savings that the Co-op and its Partner Suppliers can give you email a material list to today!

Why was Contractor's Co-op formed?

Contractor's Co-op was formed to be a hub for local Homeowners, Contractors, and Small Business to do work together in an effort to keep local money being spent locally. As prior contractors our founders realized that there is no direct path to find the majority of smaller contractors other than word of mouth. Traditional and internet advertising has become so expensive that smaller business owners can not participate in it. Our Co-op provides our membership with access to contractors and small businesses that can not be found easily online and gives our members the opportunity to meet in person prior to doing business together. With group purchasing power we can save more money and keep that money close to home helping to build our local community for the better.

Discount Material Program

I can buy materials at Home Depot or Lowe's why would I buy materials through Contractor's Co-op account at its Partner Supplier's stores?

Our Co-op gives its members access to the same pricing, service, and product knowledge that the largest contractors enjoy by all of its members ordering through the same account. Our Supplier Partner Reps are professional and know their products extensively and their product knowledge and training is far beyond most retail stores. If you can get better pricing from a superiorly knowledgable supplier who can give you better service, doesn't that make sense? As many of our Supplier Partners as possible are local suppliers or locally owned supply houses. It always makes the most sense to spend your money locally.

As a contractor I receive rebates or trips from my supplier currently for the material that I order from them. If I become a Co-op member do I lose those perks from my supplier?

No. Our Supplier Partners agree that all Co-op Members will receive the same benefits that they offer them normally. All purchases through the Co-op accounts are for payment up front. If you open a credit line with our Partner Supplier then your rebates and benefits are your to keep. The only difference is that all Contractor's Co-op members are recognized as purchasing our material as a group and our pricing reflects that.

Privacy Questions

When I sign up for Contractor's Co-op am I signing up for anything else?

No. It is our goal to provide only the services that you see in your membership. We do not sell your personal information. We do not give third parties your information for marketing purposes. Any marketing completed by Contractor's Co-op will be what was listed in your Membership Benefits listed. If anything ever changes from those benefits we will contact you.

I think there may have been an order placed under my account that wasn't mine. What do I do?

Please email us at or call us at 770-856-9388 and we will help you sort this out.

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