Estimating and Supplementing Services

  • Our Co-op estimators have worked for major insurance companies previously as adjusters. We know exactly how to ask for the additional items needed to ensure that you are paid correctly and fairly.

  • On average we can add 10%-30% to most insurance estimates. Sometimes as much as 100%.

  • How does it work?

    •  You submit photos, measurements, and the insurance scope of repairs to The Co-op through your member account home page, we determine full scope of repairs with justifications, submit the supplement to the homeowners insurance company and adjuster and discuss our reasoning with them. After the final scope of repairs has been approved we will submit the final scope to you and bill you based upon our agreed upon fee. By ordering Contractor's Co-op's supplementing service you agree to all terms and conditions of the site and agree that Contractor's Co-op has your and your customer's permission to discuss the proper scope of damage for the applicable claim with their insurance company.  

Is it worth it? Let's look at the math.

Lets say you have a claim for tree damage to a roof, exterior, and interior that the insurance company says is worth $40,000.

Claim amount:

Average Contractor's Co-op increase:



Increase amount:

Co-op's rate for supplement:

Total cost of supplement:

Additional $'s you've made:


15% of increase



  • You only pay for the increases that we achieve. So... if we add nothing you pay nothing.

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